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In the 1820's, a small group of Christians met in an attempt to return to New Testament simplicity. They took as their guide, not the creeds and religious traditions of the denominations around them, but rather the Bible. Through many growing pains and some setbacks, their spiritual example is alive and growing today. These Christians have been called by many names - Plymouth Brethren being sometimes used. But their true allegiance remains the Lord Jesus Christ, and they seek happy fellowship with all Christian believers who love the Lord and seek to follow His word.


About This Site

This website exists to remind Christians everywhere of the importance of following the New Testament pattern for the church. This is not to say "Brethren" churches are better than other churches, or that every "Brethren" church is a good and healthy example. But as Christians we must acknowledge that the Bible makes definitive statements about how the church is to function, what we are to do and how we are to be led. Obeying these principles is an important part in having a healthy and obedient local church.