Dispensationalism is a doctrine that has profoundly affected evangelical Christianity over the last 100 years. If you attend an evangelical church, chances are your beliefs have been shaped or affected in some way by this doctrine. And yet, despite the blessing it has brought over the years, today dispensationalism is under attack from without and from within. This page is intended to be a source of helpful teaching on the topic of dispensationalism.



July/Aug 1999 UPLOOK Magazine

A whole issue of UPLOOK devoted to the topic of Dispensationalism. This is in pdf format and you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.


An Introduction to Dispensationalism – Shawn Abigail

In this article, I introduce the topic of dispensationalism and explain why I believe it to be Biblical. I also discuss why I feel this doctrine is intensely practical.


Dispensationalism and the Gospel – Shawn Abigail

This article demonstrates that Dispensationalism does NOT teach different methods of salvation in different dispensations, and goes on to demonstrate that in fact, the Gospel message is strengthened by the foundations of Dispensationalism.


Principles of Dispensational Bible Study – Shawn Abigail

This one page handout doesn’t talk about how to study dispensationalism, but rather, how to study dispensationally!


Dispensationalism and God’s Glory – Greg Herrick at www.bible.org

Dispensationalists understand that God’s highest purpose is to bring glory to Himself. This article demonstrates how God’s glory is shown in each dispensation.


Dispensationalism Misunderstood – Ken Blue

This article answers many of the objections raised against dispensationalism, especially those based on the excesses of ultra-dispensationalists. Note that this article takes a position on the KJV that the author of BrethrenOnline.org does not agree with.


Dispensationalism and the Church – from www.endtimes.org

A good general article on the topic. A partial list of well known Christians who have held a dispensational understanding is included.


The Hermeneutics of Progressive Dispensationalism – Robert L. Thomas

Progressive Dispensationalism has radically redefined what most of us accept as standard dispensationalism. This article takes exception to the manner in which Progressive Dispensationalists have redefined dispensationalism’s hermeutic.


Who is Wrong? A Review of John Gerstner’s Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth – Richard L. Mayhue

This scholarly review of John Gerstner’s book is a must read. It demonstrates that Gerstner’s book misunderstands much of the Dispensational argument. Gerstner’s position is strongly anti-Dispensational making this review very necessary.


Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth – H.A. Ironside

The sub-title for this short book is Ultra-Dispensationalism Examined in the Light of Holy Scripture. Many of the objections raised against Dispensationalism are really objections to Ultra-Dispensationalism. This book is definitely a classic, by one of the best loved Christian authors of this century.


Studying the Dispensations – Randal Amos

These sermons are hosted by Voices for Christ.


Dispensational Theology – David Dunlap

These sermons are hosted by Voices for Christ.


Dispensationalism – J.B. Nicholson

These sermons are hosted by Voices for Christ.


The Dispensations – H.G. Mackay

These sermons are hosted by Voices for Christ.


The Great Dispensations – T.E. Wilson

These sermons are hosted by Voices for Christ.


Middletown Bible Church

Website of a local church that has a large amount of dispensational material.


What is Dispensationalism – Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

A concise and useful article.


Dispensationalism – Charles Ryrie

A link to Ryrie’s book on Amazon.com. Highly recommended!