The power of the web as a communications medium is in the ability to link one web page to many others, and in the ability of ordinary people to communicate about their deepest interests. Here are some links I have found interesting, either from a general Christian point of view, or in providing more information about “the Brethren.”


Christian Ministries

Uplook Ministries – variety of resources including PDF’s of old Uplook Magazine issues
Camp Galilee – a Christian camp near Ottawa, Ontario
Growing Christian Ministries – helpful materials
Assembly Care Ministries – connecting NT patterned assemblies and workers
MSC Canada
The Ezekiel Project School of Evangelism
Emmaus International
Emmaus Correspondence School New Zealand


Bible Study Helps

Biblical Studies Foundation – large number of articles and studies


Publications and Publishers

Gospel Folio – Book publisher and Distributor
Myrtlefield House – focus on ministry and books by David Gooding and John Lennox. Most of Gooding’s books are available in e-format.
Believers Bookshelf Canada
Believers Bookshelf USA
Chapter Two
Moments with the Book


Online Sermons and Sermon Resources

Voices for Christ – online sermons
Sonic Light
– online sermons with good Bible teaching – ministry associated with William Mounce



Please note that while much of the material you will find on these links will be helpful for you, we do not necessarily agree with everything and we have no control over the content. In order for a personal page to be listed here, it must contain a significant amount of what we consider doctrinally correct and useful information.